rambling and rabble-rousing...

at this point, regardless of the outcome, i will be thrilled to have the election finally happen.

i can't say we're going to get it, but i think we all are hoping for a change.

i'm not a scholar. i'm not particularly well-educated. but i know what i've seen and what i've learned, and i can spot patterns in behavior.

you might say i'm being unnecessarily pessimistic and worried about the direction our country (and our culture) is headed, but i can counter that you've got your head in the sand, or you're ignorant of history.

i can't validate this with any scientific fact, but given george w, bush's history in running businesses, it wasn't hard for me to envision him steering the economic ship into the rocks. (DO NOT challenge me on this. record surplus to record defecit on HIS WATCH is exactly that...end of story.)

thankfully, i don't get that same feeling with either current candidate. but based on what i know of the 2 candidates' past history, and transposing that to what i think the future likely holds for these men, my decision is easy for me. neither is perfect, but that is part of a politician's job - compromise. far too many people have forgotten that, INCLUDING candidates.

to be continued....


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help me enumerate the things that are wrong with this song/video:

hint: the only wrong answer is "there's nothing wrong with this song/video."

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IF you don't feel like reading the article, McCain blames Obama's camp for the failure for the bailout bill to pass.

However, and I quote:

A majority of House Democrats supported the proposal and the majority of House Republicans opposed it. A total of 133 House Republicans voted against it, with 95 Democrats opposing the plan.

Just like 2000, and again in are being told that black is white, up is down, and that the sky is falling and Democrats are to blame.